How do
you feel?

Feel recognizes and tracks your emotions throughout the day and provides you with personalized coaching to help you achieve your emotional wellbeing goals.


Feel recognizes and tracks your emotions
throughout the day.


How Feel works

The integrated sensors on the wristband measure a variety of bio-signals, while the mobile app provides personalized recommendations and coaching to help users improve emotional well-being.

Feel the Wristband

Four integrated sensors on the wristband monitor a variety of physiological signals such as, electrodermal activity, blood volume pulse, and skin temperature, while proprietary algorithms on the background translate those bio-signals into emotions.

Feel the App

The Feel app is the best way to manage your emotional well-being goals. It syncs with the wristband to track your emotions throughout the day and with your calendar to help you understand what triggered your mood. The app also offers advice and exercises, based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, to help you achieve your wellbeing goals.

The app offers personalized coaching to help you achieve your happiness goals

Emotion Recognition and Tracking

• Feel automatically recognizes your emotions throughout the day.
• Helps you understand how you felt, where you felt it, what you were doing and with whom.
• The integrated emotional journal will help you identify emotional patterns.

Wellness Plan

• Set your emotional well-being goals & complete activities based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
• Earn badges when you achieve milestones to keep you motivated for more.
• Monitor progress towards your daily wellness goals weekly and monthly.

Notifications and
Smart Coach

• Notifications will help you reach your emotional wellbeing goals.
• Provided with real-time advice and suggestions based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
• Personalized activities that will boost your mood and happiness levels.

Feel 360 Video

Feel the Science

Emotional awareness is key to leading a happier and more fulfilling life. Recognizing our stress triggers and the factors that affect our mood is the first step in managing stress and improving well-being.
Science can now help us keep track of our emotions by measuring response from a variety of physiological signals.

Sentio - The Feel Team

We are an amazing group of passionate people with a diverse set of capabilities.

George Eleftheriou

Co-founder & CEO

George is a former McKinsey management consultant with expertise in Big Data & Analytics. He has vast experience of working with C-level executives of Fortune 100 clients in a variety of industries while working for market leading companies in New York. George holds 3 Master’s degrees, including a Master’s in Management Science from Columbia University.

Haris Tsirmpas

Co-founder & CTO

Haris is a PhD candidate and Senior Researcher at the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory of National Technical University of Athens. His doctoral research focuses on the Internet of Things in healthcare applications and his research interests include areas such as data correlation, fusion in context aware environments and machine learning.

Panagiotis Fatouros

Data Scientist

Panagiotis is a PhD candidate and Researcher at Imperial College London. His main interests include dynamic programming and stochastic optimization. He holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering as well as an MBA in Business Administration.

Adel Sanoussi & Another Circus

Product Design team

Award winning design team, branding, product design, concept.

Dr. Elina Kanellopoulou


Elina is an expert on Self-Regulation, i.e. the process of strategically adjusting our thoughts, emotions and behavior in the service of our goals. She holds a PhD in Psychology from Columbia University, a BA and a Master's in Mathematics.

Lina Fokou

Associate Product Manager

Lina makes everything product-related happen. She holds a Master's in Electrical and Computer Engineering from National Technical University of Athens, focused on the field of Biomedical Engineering.

Nikos Terlemes

Junior Data Scientist

Nikos is an undergraduate Computer Science student at National Technical University of Athens. His main interests include Machine Learning, Biomedical engineering, Big Data and the intersection of these. Currently, he is an intern at Feel.

Timos Theodorou

Junior Electronic Engineer

Timos is an undergraduate student at National Technical University of Athens, in the field of Systems and Electronics. He is passionate about anything that relates to hardware and integrated electronics. He is currently an intern at Feel.

Dr. Spyros Zoumpoulis


Spyros Zoumpoulis is an assistant professor of Decision Sciences at INSEAD. He received the B.S., M.Eng., and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT and is a data science expert.

Prof. Dimitris Koutsouris


Prof. Dimitris Koutsouris is currently Professor and Head of the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory at National Technical University of Athens. His expertise in Biomedical Engineering is invaluable to the team.

Make in L.A.

Hardware Accelerator, Investor

Make in L.A. is an incubator and accelerator program that provides mentoring, training, and a supporting network to help selected companies develop their hardware products.


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